Connecting Alaskans and building prosperity.

I strongly believe that Alaska’s culture is unique and represents the last stronghold of the spirit of independence in our nation. Our state is made of people who fiercely defend their rights and the rights of their neighbors to pursue their own vision of happiness and success. Our ability to celebrate our diverse views with civility and occasional peaceful dissent is our strongest asset. My goal as a legislator is to foster this spirit, defend it with all my ability and promote our State as the last best place on the planet.

Kevin at local Nunaka Valley picnic with former statesman Max Gruenberg

I believe a connected Alaska is a prosperous Alaska.

My strongest interests and areas of passion revolve around several areas: Business and Economy, Public Safety, Rights and Responsibilities, Transportation, Military Strength and Limited Government.

I believe in Alaska.

  • For Alaskans.
    • Putting Alaska’s interests first and defending the Alaska Constitution.
    • Seek out higher quality and demand better results for our community essentials such as education, public safety, infrastructure and defense.

I believe in Prosperity.

  • Business, Economy and the Future.
    • Retaining and expanding our core assets to the benefit of all Alaskans.
      • Petroleum, mining, fishing and tourism.
    • Diversifying our economy for the future.
      • Developing opportunities and attracting a growing population of small businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators.
    • Protect the Permanent Fund Dividend for future Alaskans.
      ^^^^ This has been in my platform since my first campaign in 2014

    • Teaching our children to think, explore and seek out knowledge.
      • Find ways to generate higher quality results from our schools, programs and educators.

I believe in Liberty and Security.

  • Rights and Responsibilities.
    • Provide for meaningful public safety while protecting victim’s rights.
      • Work to keep our neighborhoods safe for everyone through community action and cultural connectivity.
      • A staunch supporter of a person’s right to defend their life and property.
    • Promote civility and rugged individualism.
      • Celebrate success and promote self-sufficiency.
      • Defend the right of everyone to live fiercely independent lives while simultaneously promoting a community of inclusion and cooperation.

I believe in a connected Alaska.

  • Access to People, Resources and Opportunities.
    • Alaska’s future depends on mobility and I propose that our long-term success will require a more connected State.
    • Advocating for connecting and expanding our roads, rail, waterways and air transportation.
    • A connected State will create the bridge to success for many of our present economic and cultural challenges.

I believe in Military strength.

  • Strength and Health of our Military.
    • A strong advocate for the role of our Federal government to provide for the defense of our nation and state. Alaska is increasingly essential in this strategic position and we need to develop a cohesive Arctic Defense plan.
    • Support our military service members and their loved ones through recognition, local support organizations and holding our Federal government accountable to its commitments to our veterans.

I believe in limited Government.

  • Less Government.
    • Removing government intervention in our personal lives.
      • I believe that the rights, privileges and benefits guaranteed by our Constitution applies to all persons, period.
    • Cut nonessential spending and reduce the tax burden for businesses and individuals.
    • Defend against the unintended consequences that come with more legislation and regulation.

Alaska’s future depends on individuals who dare to take on the impossible, put in the hard work and are allowed to keep the fruits of their labor.

Kevin and National Guard helicopter

These are just a few of the many issues, concerns and areas of focus that I will work to improve for everyone in East Anchorage, JBER and all Alaskans. At the core, I am a fiscal conservative who believes that government should provide for only the essential services granted to it by the U.S. and Alaska Constitutions and all citizens should be allowed to pursue their own definition of happiness while bearing personal responsibility for their choices.

I look forward to putting my experience, heart, talent and dedication to work for you!

Thank you for your support,
Kevin Kastner

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