Throughout my campaign it was my sincere privilege to meet thousands of my neighbors in #EastAnchorage. This morning I do not consider myself defeated or discouraged. I am disappointed I will not bring a NEW voice for Alaska in the State Senate this year. Thank you to all who trusted me with your vote. I am sincerely honored by your show of support.

Thank you to all who trusted me with your vote.

Regardless of the outcome, I know my campaign had a POSITIVE impact. Since the early morning hours, I have received a stream of encouraging texts, emails, messages, and phone calls regarding the quality of the campaign my team and I put together. Everyone involved has expressed their appreciation for a job well done.

My campaign was fortunate enough to have received a genuine and selfless outpouring of support from real friends, local supporters, and colleagues, from all around Alaska. With the help of my great team, the campaign was a success. I give credit to my team of family, supporters, and volunteers for making this possible.

It’s a victory, all on its own, that we maintained a POSITIVE message and offered a NEW choice and a NEW direction in Alaska.

Grace and humility matter, and despite negativity and barbs thrown my way… the task of uprooting the ideological establishment to make way for a better future for my family and yours has only just begun.


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