November 3, 2016

PAC Attack: Senate candidate Kevin Kastner plans to introduce bill to ban the candidate / lobbyist money loophole in Alaska

Anchorage, Alaska — East Anchorage Alaska Senate Candidate Kevin Kastner (R-Alaska) today announced plans to introduce a bill that would ban all currently elected state officials and registered candidates from participating in the formation or management of any political action committees (PAC).

“Like many Alaskans, I am frustrated with career politicians and special interest lobbyists who seek to manipulate the system in their own favor at the expense of everyday citizens. The recent findings by the Alaska Public Offices Commission demonstrates the need to clarify the intent of the law to keep lobbyists out of Alaska elections,” Kastner said.

Just because it may be “technically” legal, doesn’t mean it’s ethical.

Complaints were filed on August 30, 2016 with the APOC Commission regarding the creation of at least one such candidate-managed PAC. The Commission later went into executive session and finally rejected the complaint. “The Commission shares the concern raised by the complaint that some may use what could be seen as a “loophole” to circumvent the campaign contribution limits in AS 15.13.” in existing law, the commissioners wrote in their order on October 19, 2016. They added: “However, the Commission is obliged to apply the law as enacted. Thus, the concerns in the complaint are more properly directed to the legislature for review.” APOC Commission Order Case No. 16-04-CD (PDF file).

“Far too many politicians have put their own power games, partisan rhetoric and desires for reelection ahead of the needs of the people of Alaska. We must put a stop to this breach in Alaska’s campaign finance laws or risk a lifelong reign of politicians who use lobbyist loopholes to broker power and position. I’ve spoken with several other legislators and candidates who share my belief that those running for election shouldn’t be engaged in managing PAC activities. Just because it may be technically legal, doesn’t mean it’s ethical. Allowing politicians and candidates to manipulate the election with lobbyist money is yet another example of why we need to clean out Juneau. If elected, this bill to stamp out candidate-run PACs will be my first act as a Senator. Enough is enough,” Kastner said.

Kevin Kastner is the Republican candidate running for Alaska Senate District H, including House Districts 15 and 16 in East Anchorage and Elmendorf AFB on JBER.


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Order (4-0) to dismiss the complaint

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