It’s yours, not Juneau’s.


The PFD should not be a source for funding the state, the state already got its share of revenues from Alaska’s resources. The fiscal crisis was a byproduct of incumbent politicians like my opponent who spent the last 10 years growing government and overspending.

Why would we turn to a 10-year career politician who helped create the current fiscal crisis in the hope that it will work out better next time?


The PFD should never enter into a debate about the budget, as it isn’t there for politicians to spend on what they think is best for you.

When elected in November, I will co-sponsor legislation to restore the full amount of the dividend. I do this because it’s the law and economically proven that the dollars spent in the private sector will create more prosperity than it ever would in the hands of Juneau bureaucrats.

It’s your choice, and your turn to send new representatives to stop the gridlock, cut spending and find better ways to fund Alaska’s future.

Below was added November 1, 2016 in response to false claims on my position regarding the PFD

If it weren’t such a lie, it might be funny that my liberal, union lawyer opponent is trying to color me as an insider. Ironic, especially coming from a salaried union lawyer. I’m disappointed, but not surprised, to see Bill Wielechowski stoop to relying on lies to keep his career as a politician. Bill’s tactics are simple: politics as usual, say anything to get reelected.

To be 100% clear, I have never promoted or advocated for the use of the Permanent Fund Dividend to fund the bad spending habits of the legislature. I don’t believe in rewarding bad behavior. Since my first campaign, my platform has always included my commitment to: Protect the Permanent Fund Dividend for future Alaskans.

This summer, I took lots of heat on social media for not caving to the arguments that we cannot cut our way out of the deficit and so on. Any claim Bill has made is a cooked up scheme to pander for votes on a single issue that avoids the hard questions about why we are now facing a $4 billion deficit or how to solve it.

My mission is to put an end to the systemic fiscal problems by reducing government, reforming our largest expenses and getting Alaska back on track to revenues from our resources. We need to cap the budget, look at a long-term plan and demand a sustainable level of services that we can afford. Until we get rid of the people who continue to create uncertainty in the economy, we’re doomed to repeat the same boom and bust cycle that Alaska cannot seem to outgrow.

Alaska has incredible potential for growth and prosperity for all of us, if we can finally get past the ideologic and partisan bickering that got us to this point. To do this, we must elect new people to get the job done.

    • kevin4ak says:

      I agree Mr. Morton! It should never be a budget item or political tool. – Kevin

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