Avoiding the Real Issues

While Anchorage is experiencing a significant upswing in homicides, thefts and related crimes, Representative Les Gara has decided to resort to personal attacks in an attempt to distract from the issues that are impacting our community.



This weekend on Saturday, September 3rd, on his personal Facebook page, Representative Les Gara made false accusations loosely tying me to an alleged felony conviction in a way that paints me as being unfit to question the crime problems in Anchorage. Ironically, Gara claims to believe in second chances, but apparently not in my case.

I find it disappointing. Not only that he would attack my character instead of addressing the very real issues at hand, but that a former Assistant Attorney General of Alaska either doesn’t understand the difference between a charge and a conviction or rather didn’t bother to research the facts before making his statement.

The Facts

So let me lay out the facts for you. Like many have done when they were younger, I made a stupid teenage decision to steal. I took some high end clothing valued at more than $500 and I got caught – thank God. I immediately admitted my fault, was charged for my actions and learned a valuable lesson. I paid full restitution and never made that mistake again. There is no felony conviction.

Fast forward 28 years; I am now 46 years old and Gara appears to be smearing my credibility based on the actions of an 18 year-old. His accusations are disingenuous and Alaskans deserve better. They deserve the truth. Which is, I own my mistakes and I learn from them.

Current Issues

Meanwhile, just this morning another person was killed in our city during a hit and run, one-third of the homicides in July 2016 occurred inside our district, there have been dozens of recent property crimes including a home invasion and at least two people nearby had their cars broken into overnight. We’ve all seen the headlines. We have a real and present crime problem.

Why is crime a central issue for me, along with working on reducing spending and developing a balanced budget? Because, it’s not just a statistic or a headline, there are real victims and costs that impact the lives of the people of East Anchorage.

We need real, sincere help for our families, our small businesses, our local community and statewide. I understand the struggles of recovery, rehabilitation and hard work. I plan to rise above the mudslinging and focus on finding real solutions.


Kevin Kastner, candidate for State Senate.

#CrimeCosts #BackTheBlue #VictimsRights

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