July 1, 2016

Kastner signals caution ahead on the trail to restructuring Alaska’s government.

Anchorage, AK – July 1, 2016 – Kevin Kastner, Senate Candidate for Senate Seat H (representing East Anchorage and JBER) finds fault with the cuts made to the user fee funded SnowTrac grant that supports trail grooming and safety programs across the state.

Alaska law requires snowmachines to be registered by the Department of Motor Vehicles and collects a fee that is later managed by the Department of Natural Resources to be distributed in the form of a SnowTrac grant for programs directly supporting trail grooming and safety improvements to many trails used by snowmachiners, bikers, skiers and mushers. These funds are distributed in part by the Snowmobile Trail Advisory Council comprised of a citizen group who makes recommendations on where and how to best apply these funds.

“Beyond the obvious slap to the face for a user group who has already been carrying the financial burden for themselves and other user groups who benefit from this program,” Kevin said. “there’s a deeper, more sinister message to Alaskans for those who are being asked to pay into government. The message is that Alaskans are going to be rewarded with a cut to the promises made and redistribution of their contributions. What this illustrates is the concern that we are witnessing a movement to restructure our state government in a way that seeks to redistribute your personal earnings without return or representation.”

Kastner notes that several other candidates and community members have pointed out the same frustration over taking revenues from a single user group and breaking the promise to use those funds for its intended purpose.

“This should serve as a warning to all Alaskans, that once the door is open to taking revenues directly from your wallet, the risks are real that you may not get what you are promised.”

Let’s set aside the Game of Thrones mentality and get to work on the development of a sustainable plan for Alaska’s future.

All the best,
Kevin Kastner


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